Get Luminous Kit (Retinewal A+ Derma C)

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W h i t e n i n g  S o l u t i o n

This set includes products formulated with Vitamin C, Retinol and Niacinamide, these ingredients are key to treat skin with hyperpigmentation. These products will help 
reduce the appearance of spots, even the skin tone and give the skin a more luminous
appearance with less signs on aging due to it's antioxidant and nutritive properties.
For effective results consistent use is key.

This set contains:

1 fl oz/30ml
1 fl oz/30ml

How To Use

<strong>AM:</strong> Cleanse skin with DermaCleanser, tone with DermaTonic,&nbsp;apply <strong>Derma C,</strong> and follow by DermaSun SPF-50.<br><strong>PM:</strong> Cleanse and tone with DermaCleanser and DermaTonic.&nbsp;For 3 consecutive nights apply <strong>Derma C</strong>. On the fourth night&nbsp;apply <strong>Retinewal A+</strong>. Alternate the use of the products as&nbsp;follows for 3 nights apply <strong>Derma C</strong> and on the 4th night apply&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<strong>Retinewal A+.</strong>