We provide a powerful skin care  line, we bring you a solution, a step by step preventive and corrective process that gives you the results that you are looking for. The results are immediate: healthy skin, radiance, luminosity, softness, the right textures and tone, a real delay  in the aging process.

Above all, the gift of looking beautiful at any age!



What makes DermaSwiss different than other Skin Care lines?


We start with the premise that everyone deserves to have healthy skin. We understand how great skin gives you confidence to succeed in life, love and career. This is our mission and our passion.

Our Swiss tradition blends the best of natural products with the newest and most effective scientific discoveries and infuse it with a Swiss flair. We combine organic plants and vitamins with the newest discoveries, such as peptides, resveratrol, ATP (Liquide energy) and growth factors.

How long have you been in the skin care industry?  And how did you get to be an industry expert?


For over two decades we have been working with industry experts and professionals to make having healthy skin a reality for everyone.

Our products are the culmination of decades of research, field experience and customer feedback.

What do you mean by “an exclusive line”?


We mean that we are not massive and commercial. Our line is exclusively for skin care professionals, estheticians and doctors. These professionals have been trained in the use of the line,
have experimented with the line and have achieved results.
They can recommend with confidence a home regime that will guarantee long-lasting results.

Who are your clients?


Estheticians and health professionals trust DermaSwiss products for facials and body treatments that give their clients real and immediate results.
You’ll have access to some of our most effective products, like our three moisturizers and vitamin C serum, that are very effective and provide instant results. Our Epifactor and game-changing serums are famous in the industry for their effectiveness, and our ultra-hydrating supreme night cream is a must have for every nighttime routine!

What results can we expect and how quickly?

We guarantee immediate results as long as you combine the customized treatment that only a professional can recommend with the daily home routine that we emphasize in 3 Simple Step

Step 1: Cleanse- Cleanse and tone your skin twice a day. Exfoliate once a week. Our Hygienic line is simple and very effective.
Step 2: Hydrate- Twice a day, don’t allow your skin to get dry and dull. Our moisturizers are designed for each skin type and give you instant results.
Step 3: Correct and prevent- Use the advances in science. Our corrective line is very effective, loaded with active ingredients that delay the aging process.

What is the difference between a commercial line and a professional line?

Commercial lines are manufactures to be massive, to be sold in any pharmacy, supermarket, or retail store. Because they are easily accessible to just about anyone, these lines need to be very careful with the ingredients they use in their formulations, which tend to be “safe” or have active ingredients that are diluted and weakened.



A professional line is to be used and recommended by professionals that have deep knowledge of the skin, the available treatments, and know which active ingredients are most suitable for your specific skin type! This is why professional lines have a much higher concentration of active ingredients when compared to a commercial line.


This undoubtedly means the two offer very different results.


Even the most expensive and fancy commercial lines cannot compare to the potency and effectiveness of our professional line.

Customer Testimonials

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Liz Grimaldo
Liz GrimaldoI´ve been using DermaSwiss for over 3 years, and i take my products everywhere!
Pilar Sanchez
Pilar Sanchez
Thanks to DermaSwiss my skin (now at 51) looks healthier than ever. It absolutely looks more radiant and hydrated; I use the entire line! The moisturizers are amazing, I noticed immediate changes in my skin! I also use the vitamin c serum and nanosphere plus every day, they will be a part of my regime forever! I recommend everyone, no matter the age, start using this professional line to prevent premature aging and see the incredible changes in your skin! The results are tangible, visible and ongoing.
Maria Adelaida Vásquez
Maria Adelaida Vásquez
"My skincare ritual is in DermaSwiss´ hands. I trust the science behind their products. I use the Sensitive Essential Kit every day because these products are the only ones that have kept my rosacea controlled while still giving me the beautiful glow we all yearn to have!”