Dry Skin Recover Kit (St Lift + Ceramide NPx)

SKU: 782

I n t e n s i v e  H y d r a t i o n

This set has been formulated to revitalize dry, mature and dehydrated skin. It contains
ingredients like Sweet Almond Extract, Iris Florentina, Soy Protein, Ceramides and Vitamin E. Which provide the skin with powerful antioxidants, increase hydration levels in the skin, strength barrier function, increase elasticity, softens and firms the skin.


0.5 fl oz/15ml
1 fl oz/30ml 


How To Use

<strong>AM - PM:</strong> Cleanse the skin with Gentle Cleanser, tone the&nbsp;skin with DermaTonic, apply <strong>ST Lift</strong> all over the skin and moisturizer with <strong>Ceramide NPx.</strong>