I get out of bed, I go to the bathroom, I look in the mirror … “Ouch, where did that wrinkle come from?”.
Sometimes we hear the word aging and we think it’s something that “one day” will come to us and that suddenly we will see different. We are not aware that aging happens to us every day since birth, it is gradual and not sudden. In the same way, skin care routines work daily, constantly, and systematically.
Applying a cream once a week/month is not what will give effective results, instead, the daily and continuous application of them will work wonders! There are people who have implemented daily use of skin care products since childhood, allowing it to become second nature just like brushing their teeth. Others, unfortunately, learn that they need to take care of their skin once they already have signs of aging present.

Beauty, including that of the skin, responds to a lifestyle where one takes the time to take care and maintain oneself. It is a long-term investment of time and money. It’s called “Pre-ven-tion”. Does it work? Well, it works … and you will see the results over time. When we keep our dermal mantle hydrated the appearance of wrinkles diminishes. By applying sunscreen daily, we protect our skin from the aging damage of UV rays. By applying Vitamin C and other antioxidants we constantly avoid aging due to free radical damage. When applying nourishing creams, we stimulate our cells and the production of collagen to prevent the sagging of the skin. Finally, sleeping 8 hours a day and maintaining a good diet is a great way to give the mind and body everything they need on their way to beauty. But hey!, after all it’s all about habits. Will you start to change yours? It’s never too late as long as there is perseverance and great products!