The #DermaTonic It´s part of the cleansing ritual, but many times we forget about it. Once you see all it can do for your skin you will surely become a fan. You know that they exist and surely that you have used them at some time throughout your life but you are not really sure if they are really necessary, much less what they can do for your skin.

The facial tonic lotion (DermaTonic Lotion) it´s the second step of the cleansing ritual, fundamental to show off a beautiful skin without imperfections, it helps to eliminate impurities that may have remained after cleaning your face, as well as the remains of the cleansing cream and cleanser. Remember: you must remove your make-up!

What are the multiple benefits of the tonic?

  • Refreshes, moisturizes, closes pores and prepares the skin for later products: serums, moisturizers and masks
  • Balances the skin by restoring the pH after the cleansing
  • Increases blood flow, due to the toning effect on the skin.
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates tissues.
  • For men it is the perfect product after shaving.
  • You can always apply it on your neck and neckline.
  • It can be used perfectly during the day to refresh and rehydrate the skin, even on makeup.
  • Tip: During summer, store it in the fridge and apply it with soft touches. Take it with you to the beach and enjoy all its benefits

Micellar water does not replace the tonic.

Our recommendation:
DermaTonic lotion is a refreshing, alcohol-free lotion that stabilizes skin pH and natural epidermal moisture, thanks to Chamomile it has decongestion and soothing effects. The presence of green tea, the extract of pomegranate and vitamin C all help fight free radical damage.
Ideal for all skin types: mixed, oily, normal or dry.
Applied in light mists using the spray bottle.

Thanks to its texture and aroma, the tonic is considered a multisensory lotion that benefits the skin and the senses.

Now, do you feel encouraged to include the facial tonic in your beauty routine?

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By: Juliana Ortiz