Many people ask if a professional product and a product bought in a Drugstore work in the same way, the short answer is, no. The products obtained by the Drugstore perform at some level but will not yield any major short-term results and fail to meet expectations long-term.

The reality is that there is a growing global trend in terms of healthy living, personal, and aesthetic care. But when we talk about results, many people are beginning to acquire professional and not commercial products, those that are acquired in supermarkets. This is largely due to the work carried out by professional beauticians who perform their procedures based on the instructions stated on the professional products that are acquired through laboratories distributed only at specialized skin care companies.

Are professional products more expensive?

It may seem that way, but if we compare the quality-price ratio, by using professional products we need little quantity to obtain excellent results. This success is due to the high concentration of active ingredients, which produce a change in skin conditions. Allowing for better results from less product can make the professional products more affordable.

Additionally, laboratories do not invest large amounts of money in mass advertising such as television commercials and hiring famous personalities in their campaigns. There are examples of professional products at affordable prices, while still being manufactured with the best components and compounds.

Professionals in Esthetics perform a teaching task to their clients, instilling the notion that mass products will not solve facial or corporal imperfections equally. They place a further emphasis on the fact that women and men do not have the same type of skin, in fact, do not have the same conditions and require special care and personalized advice.

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