IS IT POSSIBLE TO REMAIN BEAUTIFUL ONBOARD AN AIRPLANE? Do you travel permanently aboard an airplane? This is one of the least healthy habits a person can have. Abrupt schedule changes, sleep lag, swollen legs and withered skin are just some of the problems suffered by those who spend too much time traveling by plane. For that reason, we’re going to give you some tips on how to stay beautiful on the plane. Skin The most common problem in long journeys by plane is the dehydration of the skin. If your trip is going to last a short time, you do not have to remove your makeup, but if you are going across oceans and the flight is long, wipe it off! Removing make-up can help clean your skin so that it ‘breathes’ much better. Apply DermaTonic, of which all the benefits have been explained in previous blogs, and a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Ceramide for dry or mature skin, Coplacen Serum for oily skin, and Hydra Q10 for normal skins; in this way you will be able to combat the effects of airplane drought and help maintain moisture during flights. (You can shop your products by clicking on the name) Lips The lips are made of very delicate and soft skin, making them prone to dryness and dehydration. Lipstick tends to increase dryness, so the best remedy is a product that allows you to keep your lips soft and hydrated. Our recommendation is Nanosphere Plus with stem cell, collagen and elastin liposomes. Use it often for amazing results. Eyes Your eyes can be indicative of a long and exhausting flight. To calm, relax, hydrate, protect and nourish them use D’eye Cream around the delicate contour area of your eyes. Another option is to ask for ice cubes, place them on a napkin and leave them over your eyes for a few minutes, it will help relieve swelling. Finally, to reinforce your crusade against dehydration, drink water and avoid diuretic drinks (e.g. those that contain caffeine). Now, are you ready to travel beautiful and radiant?!   By: Juliana Ortíz