It´s a myth! Coconut Oil is not near to be a miracle beauty product.

More than impressed of hearing “coconut oil” as an answer for every “beauty” issue:
– My hair´s dry! “Put coconut Oil”
– My skin´s dry! “Put coconut Oil”
The real answer: Coconut Oil is not a solution, i would never, ever put it on my skin, and here´s why: It will act as a wax, this means it will clog your pores, it won´t even penetrate the pore at all, so you won´t benefit of it capacity to “hydrate” as you think it will.

Have you heard of non-comedogenic products? Coconut Oil is comedogenic, all the opposite. Instead of making some good, you´re suffocating the pore. So next time when you read about “benefits of using Coconut Oil” to clear up your skin, make it look radiant, i recommend you visit a Skin Care Professional for a skin´s diagnose, to know which products/ingredients are better for your skin type or condition. (By the way, we all have different skin type or condition, so whatever works for me it probably won´t do anything to you, that´s why a Professional advice is always a must).

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Maria Vasquez