DermaSwiss is an exclusive, renowned brand of skincare products with over 20 years in the market. Our passion for skincare has led us to develop an elite line of products containing the highest quality ingredients that effectively treat the skin to keep it flawless and slow its aging process. We keep at the forefront of the market by using a high concentration of active ingredients and purity in our formulations along with the use of the latest cutting edge technology. Our products are completely Paraben free and are not tested on animals.

Since the beginning, our founder Clara Vasquez has dedicated herself to staying at the forefront of the beauty and skincare industry. With her clear vision of the business, together with the Swiss tradition of skin care, DermaSwiss has developed an amazing brand that offers EFFECTIVE and VERSATILE products with the best quality and simplicity of use. Its strong alignment with teamwork, allowed her to build a solid group with excellent professionals in the fields of medicine, research, chemistry, technology and environment, forming a system of support and ongoing development of the line. The training for the professional sales team, since its inception, comes from the knowledge of the industry to develop their ability to offer the best customer service and corporative support.

We are constantly innovating with the goal of maintaining our formulas at the highest level with the newest and the most advanced technologies in the industry. In the development of our products, only the highest quality of biologics, botanicals and marine ingredients are utilized, which result in our exclusive and effective formulations. One of the main benefits of our products is their versatility, which allows their use in the field of aesthetics as well as medicine, achieving greater opportunities for expansion and growth.

We offer several lines, which we have developed taking into account a comprehensive aesthetic protocol including hygiene, maintenance, correction and protection of the skin, obtaining as a final result an obvious change in appearance.

  • Hygienic Line
  • Maintenance Line
  • Corrective Line
  • Control Line
  • Sensitive Skin Line
  • Chemical Peels Line
  • Professional Masks
  • Essential Oils
  • Body Line